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Welcome to our online store! We are a team of passionate enthusiasts with many years of experience in the field. Our passion and enthusiasm for sneakers motivated us to create this store where we can share our love for unique pieces with you.

We believe that every pair of sneakers tells a story. That's why we offer limited edition sneakers so you can add another chapter to your own story. We are here to help you choose the right pair and with every step of your purchase. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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How do we verify the authenticity of all sneakers in our e-shop?

In our e-shop, we focus on providing only the highest quality and authentic sneakers. We specialize in limited editions, which are often the target of counterfeiters. To ensure that every pair of sneakers you buy from us is 100% original, all of our products undergo a thorough authentication process. Below, we'll walk you through how the process works and what it all entails.

A thorough inspection of the box and labels

Each pair of sneakers is first checked, including the box in which they are delivered. We check the labels on the box, where we verify the correctness of information such as model, size and UPC code. We also carefully check the labels inside the sneakers in the same way. The UPC code on the box and on the sneakers must match exactly, which is one of the key indicators of authenticity.

Appearance and quality control

Our team of experts examines the overall appearance of each pair of sneakers. We ensure that the materials used to make the sneakers are authentic and that the quality of stitching corresponds to the brand's high standards. Our specialists have many years of experience and are able to distinguish even the smallest details that can reveal a fake.

Check accessories

In addition to the sneakers themselves, we also check all the accessories that should be part of the package. This can include replacement laces, special labels, tags, instructions and more. Any discrepancies in the contents of the package could indicate that it is not an original product.

A team of experts

Our team of experts consists of people with deep knowledge of footwear and fashion. These professionals have undergone a series of trainings and are experienced in spotting fakes. We regularly update our methods and tools to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters.

Fast and safe delivery

Despite the thorough authentication process we carry out, we try to ensure the fastest possible delivery of your order. The delivery time varies from 4 to 11 days, during which your product goes through all the checks. Your satisfaction and the certainty that you are holding an original product in your hands is a priority for us.

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