Returned goods

Under what conditions and when you can withdraw from the contract is described in detail in our terms and conditions . Only the procedure for returning goods and withdrawing from the contract is described here.

Do not send the goods to us on cash on delivery, we are not obliged to accept them in this way.

Procedure for withdrawing from the contract and returning goods for CZ 🇨🇿 , SK 🇸🇰 , HU 🇭🇺

1. Fill out electronically form you will find on our website.

2. Place the box with sneakers in another box (so-called double box) and wrap well.

3. Find the nearest delivery point of Zásilkovna (Packeta) and dictate the return code to the operator: 99304703.

Note: Shipping back to us is paid by the customer himself, the shipping amount will be automatically deducted from the refund amount according to our tariff .

4. The money will be returned to you within 14 days of withdrawal from the contract at the latest.

Procedure for withdrawing from the contract and returning goods for other countries 🇪🇺

Click the link to download a PDF file with return instructions.

PL - return label & instructions

DE - return label & instructions

BE - return label & instructions

BG - return label & instructions

EE - return label & instructions

FR - return label & instructions

HR - return label & instructions

IT - return label & instructions

LT - return label & instructions

LV - return label & instructions

NL - return label & instructions

AT - return label & instructions

RO - return label & instructions

GR - return label & instructions

SI - return label & instructions

ES - return label & instructions

Please note that the goods must be from your side without signs of use and in the original packaging. Otherwise, the return may be refused and the goods will be shipped back at your expense.

If you do not wish to use our return shipping services or if they are unavailable in your country, you can send the package via the transport company of your choice to the address we provide. In this case, please contact us by email or inbox here on the website.
Packet return fee - will be deducted from the refund amount
SK 119 CZK
HU 150 CZK
PL 150 CZK - instructions follow
DE 200 CZK - instructions follow
BE 350 CZK - follow instructions
BG 200 CZK - instructions follow
EE 250 CZK - instructions follow
FR 200 CZK - instructions follow
HR 200 CZK - instructions follow
IT 200 CZK - instructions follow
LT 200 CZK - instructions follow
LV 200 CZK - instructions follow
NL 300 CZK - follow instructions
AT 200 CZK - instructions follow
RO 200 CZK - instructions follow
GR 200 CZK - instructions follow
SI 200 CZK - instructions follow
EC 200 CZK - instructions follow